Looking for Help with Layouts

Currently we have Displays scattered around the organisation and each department Editor maintains their own Display’s Layout, and they also have to maintain each Layout when we have a common image that needs to be shown across the organisation.
What we can’t get our heads around is whether we can have Layouts that are specific to each department which they maintain but are shown on all or selective Displays e.g. We have a Customer Service Display which shows the Customer Services Layout which they maintain but also on that Display other department’s Layouts are shown e.g. Customer Service Layout is presented (once per cycle) then the HR Layout (once per cycle) then the IT Layout (once per cycle) then returns to the Customer Services Layout and cycles through the Layouts as per above.
Not sure if Campaigns are the right options but regardless what is happening for example the IT Layout just keeps going through multiple times rather than the once then moving onto the next Layout.
I’ve taken this up as a mission as I saw what the Editors were doing with Layouts and duplicating effort and thought it could be done smarter without the effort but found the manual hard to read in the context of what I think we should be able to do.

You can certainly show any combination of layouts you like.

There’s several approaches you could take. Which is best depends on how often new layouts are added/removed and who would manage that process.

Option 1:
Create display groups for each department, and a display group for All Departments. Put the appropriate displays in all groups, and all the sub-groups in to All Displays.

Now have your content creators schedule their layouts to either their department display group if it’s department specific, or if it’s for everyone, schedule it to All Displays. They don’t need to worry about overlapping with other schedules. Just say when it should start to be shown and when it should stop. Xibo will show any layouts scheduled at the same time in fair rotation.

Option 2:
Create campaigns for each department, and a campaign for All Departments. Setup schedules for those campaigns on the appropriate displays. Then have your content creators add or remove their layouts from those campaigns as they see fit. Again, where multiple campaigns are scheduled together, they’ll be shown in fair rotation.

Your IT Layout may have a widget on it with a very long duration, which is preventing other layouts from sharing the display. If you edit the layout in the CMS, what is the total layout duration shown at the top right? That’s how long the layout will remain on the screen each time it plays. If that’s “long”, then you should isolate which widget is set with a long duration, and shorten it.

Thanks Alex I’ll give your suggestions a go