Looking for help to upgrade the xibo

i am looking for some help and willing to pay for help i do not no docker at all i like to get my xibo uptodate

Thank you for your message. Please confirm the following:

  • What operating system have you set up your Docker CMS on?
  • What version of CMS have you got installed?
  • What version would you like to upgrade to?
  • Is your CMS/server accessible across the internet or only locally?

I have included a link to our CMS upgrade guides, which will talk you through the process.Before upgrading your CMS, make absolutely sure that you back up your database and media Library before attempting the upgrade.


If you really do not feel confident performing the upgrade yourself, you may be able to request paid support on our Help desk, depending on the answers to the above questions.

Many Thanks.

i have Version 1.8.10
os is ubuntu

i like to upgrade to the nest one out
yes the server has ssh

Thank you for the reply. Is it a Custom or Docker installation?

Many Thanks.

Docker installation i remember when it was setup

Thank you for all of the information. The setup you have could be upgraded on a paid basis, you will need to discuss this with our sales team for more information.

If you would like to enquire further, please open a Sales ticket in the helpdesk with the above information about your setup and my colleagues can make arrangements with you.


Many Thanks.