Looking for Advice on large Xibo Installation

Hey Guys,

I am looking to build a Xibo configuration that can handle 2k to 3k windows clients. I do not plan to do anything with them except push content and play slide shows on a schedule “no other requirements at this time”. What types of gotchas do I need to consider when installing based on the Docker version. I have plenty of memory, plenty of CPU cores and SSD everywhere. I am planning on using Ubuntu as my OS Looking for tips to meet my goals. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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For 2-3k clients, you’re in to cluster territory really. A single server won’t cut it, unless the Clients are getting very few updates and are on very long collections.

You’d need a database cluster (probably Percona), shared storage for the CMS library, and then several application nodes running the CMS itself.

If you are going to attempt this on a single server, then the Docker configs we ship will need to be tweaked to take advantage of that extra memory. Apache will need to be reconfigured to allow more workers to be run, and MySQL so that it can use a larger buffer pool at the absolute minimum.