Login Error After Fresh Installation

I’ve just installed a fresh copy of Xibo 1.7.4, but after the setup walkthrough I cannot login?

I’m getting an error of:
Sorry the form has expired. Please refresh.
I’ve tried clearing my cache/cookies, tried another machine, reinstalling Xibo etc.

Please help!!

What kind of webserver are you using?
do you perhaps use any kind of proxy?

XAMPP, yes we use a proxy but ‘bypass for local addresses’ is ticked. Plus, it does it even on the server using localhost

There is definitely something wrong with your session, perhaps some other service is interfering.

Could you try to truncate the session table in the database?

I’m not up on SQL, how would I do this?

bump out of desperation!

So try turning off your proxy settings first. Bypass for local addresses doesn’t necessarily guarantee that your traffic isn’t going via the proxy.

If that works, add the Xibo CMS as a named proxy exception.

Failing that, as Peter, says, connect to the database - perhaps with PHPMyAdmin and on the session table, delete all the rows in there.


Hello, thanks for your response Alex. Tried both of these and still no luck unfortunately! :frowning:

OK so the error you’re getting is very clear.

When we send the login form to the browser, there’s a random token stored in it. When you fill in your username and password and send it back, you also send back that token. Each time the form is loaded or submitted that token changes. That’s so that malicious people can’t replay bits of past transactions to gain access to the CMS.

What’s happening here is something else is either submitting that form before you are - perhaps a browser extension or a filtering proxy server - or something is corrupting that token in transit somewhere. Without knowing about your setup it’s very hard for us to guess why - but someone with knowledge of your network should be able to help you out. Do you have an IT team there who can look at it?

Hello, I am actually the IT manager here.
Unfortunately I can’t determine the problem. Disabling the proxy (stops outgoing internet connections) doesn’t resolve the problem. The Server (Windows 7) box is a fresh install of windows, with no addons on the browser.

I’m not sure then I’m afraid. If you need it to work, Spring Signage could look at it on a paid basis for you, or you could host with them (and not have to worry about the CMS at all). Beyond that I don’t think I can offer any further insight.

Unfortunately we don’t have the budget for paid support/hosting else I would use that route.
Is there no other suggestions you could make as to what may help troubleshoot the problem?

It just doesn’t make sense in my head that accessing it via http://localhost/xibo would result in the same error, as it isn’t passing through a proxy.

The CMS logs are always a good place to go look. They’re in the log table in the database.

Strangely, when I export it out to a PDF to see it in English, the log is empty?

I’ve no idea how you’re exporting the log to a PDF. You just need to see what’s contained in the log table in the database.

I really am struggling to help you though here. I appreciate you say you have no budget for someone to look on a paid basis but we’re talking £40 and for that someone could remote in and probably solve it quite quickly.

I presume when people bring you a laptop from home you make a charge to spend time going through it to try and figure out what the possible problems could be?

Like I said, selecting the Log table has nothing inside of it…

Thankfully we don’t allow personal computers to be brought in at all, never mind offering support! :slight_smile:

OK. So try putting the CMS in debug mode (setting is in the settings table) and also test mode rather than production and see if you get anything logged.

Sorry to sound the moron, but which setting name/id are those?

You want to set

audit to audit


That’s very strange… I adjusted those settings and re-created the error. The Log table is still empty, however! :confused: