Log in taking up to 5 minutes

Hi guys,

We recently upgraded Xibo CMS to 2.3.0. Since then, it’s been taking around 5 minutes to log in through the web interface. We have a live and a test server (Ubuntu w/ Docker) and it’s happening on both.

This is on different PCs and in different browsers.

Any ideas?


What happens after you click login? it just sits there for 5 minutes and then it works?

I don’t think we’ve really changed anything related to how the login process happens - after you’re logged in does moving between pages in the CMS also take a long time?

Is it possible to put the CMS in test mode and see if any logs are generated during that time?

Yes, it sits there loading - if the password is incorrect, it’ll report that immediately.

Once logged in, the dashboard is initially empty, shows 0 displays, but accurate library size.

Navigating to other pages is fine once logged in.

How do I put the CMS in test mode?

Interestingly, it happens in 2 instances.

This issue is happening at my workplace.

I have a Ubuntu machine at home and I’ve just installed 2.2.2 then upgraded to 2.3.0 - I’m getting long login times here too…

which version did you switch from to this 2.3.0? I can replicate the problem…I have installed 2.3.0 on ubuntu in docker environment. its a fresh install and not an update…i can redo it by installing your old version then try to update to from that to 2.3.0 and see if i will have the log in issue. my production xibo is 1.8.13. I upgraded from 1.8.11 straight to 13 without any issue and i didnt do all what was mentioned in the upgrading instructions…neither did I loose my old custom settings too.

maybe, check the way you carried out the upgrade, files werent transfered properly

I went from version 2.2.2. I followed this upgrade procedure: https://xibo.org.uk/docs/setup/xibo-2-1-0-with-docker-on-ubuntu-18-04#upgrading

I started a fresh environment on my home Ubuntu machine going from 2.2.2 to 2.3.0 using the above method and was able to replicate the slow login issue.

ok i will do this and get back to you…i am testing the 2.3.0 on a fresh install fresh machine…for the very first time…so far now issue yet

Did you manage to test going from 2.2.2 to 2.3.0?

We’ve tested that several times before release and haven’t encountered this slow login issue - I also think that the behaviour you describe is unlikely to be an upgrade issue, just because navigating between other pages seems to be fine.

I wonder if it might be related to two factor authentication - do you have that enabled on the user you’re trying to login with?

Do you have any reverse proxying happening with your Docker install? Or is it just straight in?

Can you spin up a new 2.3.0 and see if you still get the problem?

Thanks for testing.

Strangely, after a few days, the slow logins have stopped altogether!

No idea what went on…

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