Log Configuration sereferem for years?



The options: [Maximum age for log entries.] And [Maximum age for statistics entries.] Refer to Days, Months, or Years?

Nobody knows?

On the platform does not have a description.

They are measured in days. You need to allow a little longer for a response before chasing! We answer here for free on a best-effort basis.

If you require support with an SLA, then commercial support is available from the project sponsor.

Sorry, I was not referring directly to you, I hoped some user could explain it to me.

How about in place of AGES to use DAYS

That would make it clearer.

Thank you.

You’re referring to the internal variable name. Changing that would force everyone who has configured that value to reconfigure it to maintain that setting. We can’t do that I’m afraid.

We can certainly change the help text though. I will log a bug to get that addressed.

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Exactly, I mean the help text.

Make it clear that it refers to “DAYS”.