Locked CMS Settings


I can’t click on some regions and they seem passive. For example;

Administration -> Settings -> General -> Send Schdule in advance
Administration -> Settings -> Network -> Monthly bandwidth limit
Administration -> Settings -> General -> Library Size Lİmit
Administration -> Settings -> General -> Current Usage -> Lİbrary Size
Administration -> Settings -> General -> Current Usage -> Monthly Bandwidth
Administration -> Settings -> Defaults -> Allow modifications to the transition configuration?

What is the problem ?


Each setting has these two values in the database - userChange and userSee, now how it works:

If userChange is set to 0, then the user won’t be able to change that value from the settings screen, but with userSee set to 1, they’ll still see it there (it’ll just be greyed out) - so that’s what you are talking about.
If userSee is set to 0, then it won’t be shown at all.

So you can change userChange to 1 in database (setting table) if you want to have an option to change those settings in CMS.

Thank you for this information. But I do not understand something. How it works “Administration -> Settings -> General -> Send Schdule in advance” ? What can we use this menu for ?

'Send Schedule in advance? ’ if it’s on (it is on by default) then CMS will send schedule information to the player 2days before actual schedule takes place (by default).

So let’s say you schedule something on Friday, player should know about it on Wednesday (48h before actual event is scheduled).

I renamed your thread as this doesn’t relate to Regions at all. The discussion relates to CMS Settings.