Location of Display Description Field

Hey Guys,

Where is the display description field located in the xibo databases?

It’s in the DisplayGroup table.

For each Display in the system, there’s a special DisplayGroup record with IsDisplaySpecific=1.

You shouldn’t be directly editing the database however. You should make any programmatic changes via the API, or manually via the CMS web interface.

I am not making any changes… It just seems to me easier to Read information from database instead of using GET functions in API… I have noticed some don’t work properly. For example {{url}}/api/playlist/widget?playlistId=16

It only brings back the top 10 rows of data… I have playlist with several hundred widgets… But the function above only shows the first 10… Also the documentation calls for formdata in the Get but you can not use formdata in the Get function… So I figured out how to add to the path, but it still only shows first 10… Probably a bug…

If there’s a bug, then we need to address that rather than going around the API.

With regard to it showing only 10 items, I expect the results are paged. You would need to specify a larger range than the default, or ask for subsequent pages of results. You do this by passing in the parameters for that as part of the query.

Ok I can see that… How do you specify pages in the API?

start and length parameter. A search on this forum for “api pages” brings up lots of hits that show that.


The size of each page is limited for good reason as the CMS has to calculate the contents of each widget when generating that, so increase the page size with caution.

The response to your original query will even have a Link header with the URL for the next page if there are more results.