Local Video: Video path from server and desktop does not work

These are the steps I took, where did i go wrong?

  • All high res video files converted to mp4
  • Uploaded all videos to local server
  • Created new layout and new region within the layout
  • double clicked on the region to show ‘edit local video’
  • Copy and pasted video path into the blank space as indicated in the ‘edit local video’ pop up.
  • duration set at 60 or 0.
  • clicked save
  • Clicked on ‘options’ then ‘preview layout’
    = Nothing…just black screen
    ps: i tried it with a video path located on my C: drive but the result was the same.

Where did I go wrong? What should I do to make the video work?


I don’t think it will work in CMS preview, since the video is not uploaded to the CMS.

So it can be URL/rtsp links or as you tried local (on the same computer as player) or accessible via LAN.

All you need is the right path so for example for video that’s in downloads folder on the same PC as your client it would be
C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Downloads\Big Buck Bunny MP4 AAC.mp4

Then when you schedule that layout to your display it should work just fine.

So assuming that you provided the right path, I think you did everything right, it just will not show up in the preview and will work on the client.