Load webpage behind a username and password

I have a webpage I need to display. The page is on a solar panel monitoring platform. I have to log in to the platform and click a link to see the solar installation’s performance page. On the default browser in Android, I can go to the login page, enter the credentials, then click the installation link on the page that opens and get redirected to the data page. I can also copy the link and past it into the browser and as log as I am in the same session, the page loads.

In Xibo, if I use the main page as the link, it takes a while to load but eventually I can log in through the Xibo interface and click the link. I then see the data. But if in the CMS I enter the direct link, all I get is a “Webpage not available”.

Any ideas?

Still stuck on this one. Can anyone offer help? it is basically the only thing holding me back from adopting XIBO in one capacity or another.

Hello, you can only display a webpage that requires credentials if the page supports HTTP basic authentication in the following format: https://username:password@example.org/page.html or if it offers some kind of ‘widget’ or reporting function that would allow you to expose the content you want on a special URL that embeds an authentication token.

Hope that is some help!

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