Listing with an external source

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows any website I can use to add external text into my Display without using the Xibo “Design” every time.
It’s for a project for a school I’m working as an Internship.

Also sorry for my bad writing, English is not my main language but I speak it fluently.

Bruno Silva.

Why is it easier to log in to some other website than it is to log in to the CMS and either edit a layout or edit a dataset?

The only way I can think to accomplish what you’re asking for is to find a website that will allow you to construct an RSS feed. You can then take that feed output and use it within Xibo.

IMO it would be far simpler though to create a dataset and use that as the source for a ticker, and then your users simply log in to the CMS and edit the dataset. The content will then update in all layouts the dataset appears in automatically.

Hi alex thank you for your response, yes I meant to say use a RSS feed from an external website so it would be easier for the person who has no experience with technology can write the kids names to request their presence when they exit school. I wanted it to update as fast as it could so we can display the names faster.


I really can’t see why logging in to some other service is any more easy than logging in to Xibo and updating a dataset - which looks just like an Excel table?