Linux player ubuntu


I m new tho linux player. Im having dificulties connecting the player to the server.

Thank you for your post and welcome to the Forum!

The error in your screenshot is being returned from your webserver not Xibo. I would recommend looking at the logs for your webserver to further investigate this issue.

I also noticed that your CMS URL contains /web at the end. This should not be appearing in your URL and suggests there is an issue with the way you have set up your CMS. I would also recommend correcting this issue, I have provided a link to the Prepare your Environment guide to help with this issue:

I also noticed that when I went to the URL for your CMS that you are using 1.8.12. I would also recommend upgrading your CMS to 1.8.13, as further changes were made to CMS for the Linux Player. Below is a link to the Blog page for 1.8.13, you will be able to find the files there:

Many Thanks.