Linking to a picture doesn't work any longer


A picture located on a player will be updated every minute by an external script.
To display the picture permantely I created an layout consisting of an embeded widget. This is what I entered in the section “HTML to embed”:

<span><img src="C:\Users\USERNAME\Nextcloud\PICTURE.png"></span>

The picture will be displayed fine using player version 2.01.
When I update to player version 2.255.3 or 2.252.6 the picture will not be displayed. Instead it shows a tiny picture, I guess it indicates a broken link.

I suppose I need to change the syntax. Has someone an idea how I would now address the picture correctly?


You can put a tag at the top of your embedded widget to open that in IE/Edge instead of Chrome, which I think might then work as it did before:

<!-- browser=ie -->

Alternatively, if you put your picture in a sub-folder called Nextcloud inside the Xibo library folder, you should be able to do:

<img src="http://localhost:9696/Nextcloud/PICTURE.png">


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