Limited Content Download Speed

Hi Dev team,

I’m having a trouble of using Windows Xibo Player with Xibo CMS 1.7.2. When i test download a media from Xibo CMS using web-browser, speed is very good. But when using the Xibo Player, download speed is limited down. Can you help me for turing off this feature?

Thanks alot!

By default, the Player downloads files from the CMS in little chunks, which is much more reliable than downloading in the way your web browser does it.

In newer versions of the CMS, you can configure your webserver to serve the files in the same way as the web browser receives them which will be quicker, but less reliable over a poor connection.

To do so, see the SENDFILE_MODE (File Download Mode) setting in the CMS Settings. If you’re using Apache then you also need to make changes to your webserver configuration, the same for Nginx.

If you’re using IIS, then you can’t change that setting from its default (Off).

Docker-based installs come pre-configured with SENDFILE_MODE=Apache and Apache appropriately configured for that.

As i understand, the xibo cms version 1.7.2 can’t change that setting?
If it is possible, please give me instructions. Thanks!

That setting might be there on 1.7.2, I’m not sure.

You’d need to configure your webserver correctly though to support accellerated downloads for it to work.

What webserver is it please? And on what OS?

I see the SENDFILE_MODE in the setting, this mean this version is supported right?

i’m using apache (xampp) in Windows Server 2012 OS.

So you’d need to get modsendfile working on your XAMPP installation, and then configure apache to allow your CMS library location for XSendfile, and then you can change that to Apache.

If you just change it to Apache, it won’t work.