Limitation on Dataset or Region


Hi to Xibo Community
Xibo 1.7.8
no dataset will show on region after creating 100 datasets. Is there any limitation on Dataset or Region quantity? if so any way to bypass this or any other solution.
Thanks in advance


I don’t believe there was such limitation in 1.7 series, if you would enable CMS debugging / put it in the Test mode (basically go through Report Fault Wizard) do you see any errors related to the dataSet widget there?


Hi Peter thanks for the help, I have switch to 1.8.3 with less dataset entries. thanks again.


Hi Peter I want to ask an other question, Please is it possible to us 1 region to display from various Dataset at different time intervals. Thanks


Each Ticker/dataSet view widget can get the data from a single source.

However you can have several tickers/dataSet view widgets in your region and each one of them can get the data from different source if needed.