Licensing Problems


You have entered your email address in the Player Settings, Activation Wizard or Display Profile in your CMS but you receive a message saying that we did not find your email address in our system. The following things may be incorrect:

  • The email address has been entered incorrectly.
  • There are no available licences
  • There are available spaces, but the version of Xibo for Android
    doesn’t match.
  • You are using a Cloud CMS account on the Spring Signage platform, but
    haven’t purchased Xibo for Android device licences.

Incorrect Email

To double check if you have entered correct email address, you can log in to customer portal on device’s browser.
Then go to “Android licencing” and copy your email address from “pool email addresses” and paste it into Player settings, Activation Wizard or Display profile.

No available licences

If you don’t have any available licences or upgrades available, you will need to buy new licences, or unlicence an existing device.

Mismatched Versions

Xibo for Android 1.4/1.6 to Xibo for Android 1.7 is a paid upgrade. Every 1.4/1.6 licence purchased after 1st June 2014 will have been provided a free upgrade. If you don’t have upgrades available you can purchase upgrades for £4+VAT per upgrade.

You have upgrades but no available licences

For existing connected devices: you will have to upgrade your existing players (which means just install new apk on them) and then they will be upgraded to version 1.7.

For new devices: you will need to unlicence one of your existing devices, and install apk version 1.7 on that new device.
Or if you have number of upgrades greater than number of connected devices then just install apk v1.7 on your new device - upgrade licence will happen automatically.

You have available licences

First what you need to do is, be sure what version you want to use and what version you currently have.

If you have an available licence for version 1.4/1.6 then:

If you want to use version 1.7, you can purchase an upgrade to version (1.7) -> then install apk version 1.7 on your device.
If you want to use version 1.6 you can install older apk (v 1.6) on your device and it will find your available licence.

If you have an available licence for version 1.7 then:

You should install new apk (v 1.7) on your device and it will find your available licence.

Version of your licence must match version of the apk that you want to install on your device. That is if you have an available licence for version 1.4/1.6 and you’d install newer(1.7) apk on your device, it will not find your available licence - although if you have upgrades available that aren’t reserved for existing players then licence upgrade for new device will happen automatically .

Cloud CMS

Cloud CMS and Xibo for Android are a separate services. Cloud CMS contains Xibo CMS itself and our cloud hosting services with storage and bandwidth allowances.
For example, you don’t have to use the newest version of cloud CMS (1.7.5) to use the newest version of Xibo for Android(1.7 R58).
You also don’t have to host with us to use Xibo for Android.

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