License problem with connections in multiple cities

Hi all,

wondering if there is someone who can help me with following.

We have multiple tizen displays in 4 different locations. The building where we have the most screens everything is ok, a second location gets it internet connection through the first location by a radio link between the to buildings. Then we have 2 other buildings. The displays there are not able to connect to the license server. Both sites have an own internet connection. One of those 2 sites we can reroute the internet connection to the first site, and then de displays can find the license server.

Anyone who knows what we can do to make this work without havig to reroute the internet connection? Because now we have to do this every 2 weeks so that the displays keep updating there layouts. But sometimes I forget this.

Hello and welcome to the Community.

Please do Open a Ticket with our helpdesk so that we can go through the options available to you.

Thank you

Hello, I created a ticket but it’s closed already and I didn’t received a response.


Hi, according to our helpdesk log, this issue was reported this morning at 07:49 in a ticket from the email address that matches your customer portal account, so you should be able to login and see that in the customer portal.

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