License ping to Spring Signage


How often are is the software suppose to " ping " for license verification ?

Just once when installing the software and license, or every day, week, etc…
Want to make sure everything is working properly.


It’s not quite that straight forward.

So it connects when you initially licence the device. That then gives it a 30 day window in which it can run without further licencing.

To ensure that no network problem causes an interruption to that service, or if the Spring Signage licence servers were offline for a few hours, the app will then attempt to licence again after around 15 days. If it is successful then it will extend the licensed period to 30 days from that point and then check again after 15 days.

If it’s unsuccessful when it attempts to re-licence, it will continue to be licensed and will retry every day from day 15 to day 30 before finally becoming unlicensed at that point. That means that for a device to become unlicensed incorrectly, it would have to be without internet connection for 15 days consecutively.