License issue player v.55


I just purchased 6 licenses for Android.
5 of my players work well, BUT the sixth is giving me the next error: “Sorry your trial license jas expired and we did not find your email address in our systems. Please check your email address and try again. If you need to purchase a license please contact your service provider.”

Although, when I log into my account on spring signage, the system shows that this PC is already licensed.

I tried to unlicense and license again, but the same happens. The registration is done in Spring Signage, but not on the player.

I have had this same problem before back in a previous version of the Android client. Drove me up a wall for a bit. The fix if I remember correctly is to totally blow the Android client out of everything.

So remove the client from Spring Signage. Remove the client from the CMS.

On the Android Client, go into the apps settings of Android and clear both the Cache and Data.

If that still fails then remove the client from Spring Signage and Xibo CMS, remove Xibo from the Android client, then manually delete the file that the key is kept in.


Basically if it’s correctly licensed in our Portal, but the player doesn’t recognise it then you may want to make sure that date/time settings on the device are correct and that it has reliable internet connection of course (can reach our Portal and your CMS from your device’s browser).

Other than that you may want to do what Colin suggested.

If all of that would not help you fix it, feel free to open new ticket in freshdesk with us and we will investigate it.

Indeed it was just adjust the time and date. For some reason it wasn’t up to date. =)

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Cool, I am glad it’s working now :smile: