License issue - new client with incorrect e-mail used

I have a new DSCS9 client to replace a faulty old unit, when I set it up I used the wrong e-mail address for the license pool we have, the box is showing up on the CMS, but not picking up on the new version 1.8 license that is available. How can I bring up the initial installation set up wizard again to correct this? Thanks

You can reenter the License Pool email address on your Xibo for Android Player by clicking on the screen while the Xibo Player is running, clicking on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the Action Bar that appears at the top of the screen and choosing Check License from the menu.

Many Thanks.

Great thanks, is there any way to recover the media from the clients?

It may be possible to recover media files from the Local Library on your Android Device but you will not be able to recover the entire Layout.

Below is a link to the Managing Storage Guide on Android Guide, which includes a directory that your Local library may use. Please not that your Local Library may be a slightly different location, for example on my DSCS9 device, my local Library is at the directory:


Many Thanks.