Licencing your Xibo for webOS Display


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Xibo for webOS (and white labelled derivatives) require a Xibo for webOS software licence to function after the 14 day trial period. Each device that runs Xibo for webOS is linked to a “licence pool email address” that can be created and managed from the Customer Portal.

Licences are purchased for a major software version and are perpetual for that version. See the following section for further clarification on exactly what that means. Licences can be moved between devices should a device fail or no longer be in use.

Licences must be automatically verified every 30 days. If your Player has Internet access, this happens automatically without user interaction. If your Players will not have internet access, please see the section below on On-premise (offline) licencing.

What do you mean by "Perpetual for that version"
When you purchase your Xibo for webOS licence, it will be for a specific series of Xibo CMS releases, and will be compatible with that series only. So for example, at the time of writing, you’d buy 1.8 series licences, and that licence would licence any 1.8 series Player release, which is in turn compatible with any 1.8 series CMS release.

eg A 1.8 series licence, which is applied to a 1.8 R7 Player, which is in turn compatible with 1.8.3 CMS

You can use that licence for as long as you wish at no extra charge, providing that you run a 1.8 series CMS and 1.8 series Players.

When the next series is released, in this case 1.9 series, then you can, at your option, upgrade your CMS to 1.9 series (eg 1.9.0). Because your Players are 1.8 series Players, they are no longer compatible with the CMS, and you would need to upgrade the Player application to a 1.9 series version. Since you are licensed for 1.8 series Players, an upgrade fee is payable to bring the licence up to the latest version. Once upgraded, you can then run any 1.9 series Player, for as long as you want, with nothing further to pay, provided your CMS remains at the 1.9 series.

The same would then be true when 1.10 or any later series was released.

Connecting a Device
A device will be automatically connected to your account using the licence pool email address provided during the client installation.

Licences can be purchased by logging into your account and purchasing from the Shop.

Failure to get a licence
Should a device fail to get a licence for any reason the device will automatically stop downloading new content from the Xibo CMS it is connected to.

On-premise installations without an internet connection
Xibo for webOS will connect to any Xibo CMS regardless of whether that CMS is on a local network or in the cloud. In cases where the software will run permanently disconnected from the internet it will be necessary to purchase the Off-line licensing module for your CMS which acts as a “pass through” licensing server to

It is based on a file exchange. When using the file exchange method it is the responsibility of the customer to perform a one-time licence file exchange between their account on and their CMS.

Checking for a licence
webOS player will automatically initiate a connection to the Licensing server and try to obtain the licence against the licence pool email address provided in the player settings.

Viewing webOS devices in your account
webOS devices and their licence pool allocation can be viewed at any time from your Spring Signage Account. See the “webOS licences Management” topic for instructions.

Technical Details
Licensing happens over HTTP to on port 80 and does not need any special network considerations.

If you have a filtered proxy server then adding a filtering exception for /, port 80 may be necessary in some circumstances.

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