Library Video in Dataset (Feature Request)

Right now we are utilizing the Library and External Image functions in a Ticker via Dataset, where the Image ID is placed in a row of the uploaded CSV which results in the image being automatically displayed. It is very useful for programming content with FROM-TO Date.

We would like to be able to do this with videos from the Library as well. Just put in the Video mediaID in the Dataset and have it appear in the Ticker. I don’t know what kind of technical challenges exist, but it would be great to have!

Is there any chance this will be taken on as a new feature?

Obviously a more elegant solution would be to add a schedule/expire feature on individual media i.e. wordpress. But to do this via Datasets would help automate 99% of what we do with XIBO, leaving more time to actually create content not having to worry about managing it. Thanks!

This could result in compatibility issues with the webpages and so it is better to run natively within the module.

We do have plans to support the removal of media on expiry.