Library Permissions in Region Timeline


I am running version 1.8.6 on IIS. All seems to be working fine except that I am having trouble with some user permissions.

I am trying to set the “Users” group to be able to edit the timeline in a region of a layout. Any user who is logged in can successfully upload new videos or images and add them to the timeline.

However, if they click on “Library” in the “Add Media” Column or if they click “View Library” on the “Upload Media” window they see a message saying that access is denied.

I am guessing I have got the permissions wrong somewhere and I am hoping someone cant direct me to where I can correct this.

Thanks in advance,

Users will need to have access to Library page to access it (either from the menu or in layout designer), then they will need permissions to the files in cms library that they should be able to see/edit and therefore use on a layout.

Thanks for your reply.

Users do have permission to view media in the library and when they click the Media link under Library in the left menu they can see all of the images and videos that are available to them.

It only seems to be access denied when trying to view media when editing a timeline.

I have just completed the upgrade to version 1.8.7 and I am still experiencing the same.

Could you tell me / show me exact permissions your user has and exact workflow that triggers the access denied please? I will try to recreate it tomorrow and see where the problem might be.

Permissions for “Users” group: (X = Checked, Blank = Unchecked)

  • Administration
  • Applications
  • Audit Trail
  • Campaigns
  • Clock
  • Commands
  • Dashboard X
  • DataSets
  • Dayparting
  • Displays
  • Display Groups
  • Display Profiles
  • Notification Drawer
  • Report Fault
  • User Groups
  • Help Links
  • Home X
  • Layout X
  • Library X
  • Licence
  • Log
  • Maintenance
  • Manual X
  • Media Dashboard X
  • Modules
  • Notifications
  • Playlist X
  • Preview X
  • Regions X
  • Resolutions
  • Schedule X
  • Sessions
  • Statistics
  • Status Dashboard X
  • Tasks
  • Templates
  • Transitions
  • Update
  • Users X

Process for creating access denied:
Click Design / Layout
Select Design from dropdown menu for layout
Edit Timelime for selected region

On Region Timeline popup window:
Click Add Media /Library
Access Denied Popup appears

Alternatively Click Add Media / Image or Video
on upload media popup click View Library
Access Denied Popup appears

I hope I have made that clear, its quite a few steps and I am not fully clear on the correct terminology yet!



I have been doing some more testing and it looks like it is only an issue for one individual layout.

This layout was created before the standard user permissions were configured.

Any layouts created since work ok.