Library: assignment to multiple monitors

I, several times a week, create libraries (publications, slides, images, …) to be assigned to multiple monitors. You can not directly assign in “media” to which monitors to assign it, instead of going to the individual layouts and adding the slide.
I have about twenty monitors among the various offices of the corporate group.

Thank you

All content to be shown must be in a Layout in Xibo. You can’t just assign an image, it has to be a layout, with an image on it.

Once you have created your layout, you can assign that layout to multiple Displays in one step, either by using Display Groups, or by selecting multiple Displays on the schedule form.

I have more layouts, but I have some powerpoint slides (library) that I have to load on the different layout. At the moment I go to the individual layouts and load the library.

If you’re replacing one file with another on all layouts, then you can just do that from the Library page itself. Edit the item, choose Replace, and upload your new item, ensuring you replace in all layouts and delete the old version.

All your layouts that use that presentation will then update automatically.

This I already knew, sometimes I have communication to send on specific and different monitors, and I have to go to the individual layouts and add the library and this thing often happens. I thought you could do such a thing, you could assign layouts to the library

Oh well I will continue to do it in manual.

You can’t assign from the library because how would the system know which region to put the media item in? And with what options? And in what order?

That’s why you have to put it in the Layout as you want it.

Now everything is clear to me. Thank you