Library and Bandwidth Limits on Cloud Hosting Service

In Cloud Service, is the media library limit size set in the database (table: setting)?


I don’t think these two items can be changed by the user,
If so, please tell me the value.

Hi Soken-kmorita, thank you for your message and welcome to the community!

When your CMS is hosted on Xibo’s cloud service, there are size and bandwidth limits set. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please can you open a ticket on the Xibo help desk.

Can you also confirm where you are seeing the LIBRARY_SIZE_LIMIT_KB and MONTHLY_XMDS_TRANSFER_LIMIT_KB elements?

Many Thanks.

Thank you for your answer.

We will open a ticket at the help desk for this matter.

In addition, the following two items related to the media file size limit are set in the database table: “setting”.


These two items cannot be changed by the user in the CMS administrator manual.
(Library and Bandwidth Limits | Xibo Open Source Digital Signage)

I understand that you can set the library capacity for each user or user group in CMS,
I just want to know the maximum size per file.