LG WebOs models


could i use webos app at Lg 65UH5-E and 75UM3-B


Thank you for your message. Below is a link to the supported hardware list for Xibo for webOS:

The 2 models you have mentioned are not currently supported, I would instead recommend looking for a model from this list.

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Is there any solution for those two models because my customer’s working on completely Xibo and we must add those two models anyway.Thanks so much


I have been discussing this with the webOS development team, who have looking into these models further.

After further investigation and testing, I can confirm that the LG 65UH5-E has now been added as a compatible model. I have included a link to the webOS Firmware matrix, which confirms the recommended Firmware version to use with this Display:

webOS Firmware Matrix

Unfortunately the LG 75UM3-B is confirmed as not compatible but I hope that you are able to find a solution for this.

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Thanks for all explanation .But I couldn’t understand that i saw 75UM3E as LG model at firmware matrix and how shoul i use firmware matrix.Are those models at firmware matrix is compatible for WebOs or not ?
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Thank you for your message. The recommended hardware for webOS guide has been updated with new models that are now supported. You should find that the guide lists the same models as the Firmware matrix, which you can use to see what Firmware version is recommended for use with the Xibo Player:

The 75UM3E is listed in the guide and matrix because it is indeed a supported model. The model you mentioned in your original message, 75UM3B is not a supported model.

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we are loading ipk and we are open and closing screen and continously loading bar showing we are waiting 2 and 3 hour but we couldn’t go settings screen for cms adress and cms key.But we are using same ipk with compatible Webos for LG monitors.But we havent any problem like that and it is working.


Your message is a little unclear, can you confirm which webOS display you have installed the IPK onto but is only showing the loading page?

Can you also confirm what version of the IPK you are installing on the display?

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could you share which version that we should use ?
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The version to use would depend on the CMS you are using.

Please confirm the model number of the webOS Display you are using that is staying on the loading page after the IPK has been installed. I can then discuss this with the webOS Development Team so it can be further investigated.

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