Layouts with imgaes and text out of sync


I have two regions, one with images, 5 seconds per image, and one with text under it, also 5 seconds per text.

They start out fine but after a while they start to drift away from eachother, so after a few minutes the text and image is completely out of sync. What can i do to fix thus?

Its the same amount of imgaaes as there is text and all is the same duration. Both regions got the same duration aswell.

Is that on Windows or Android client and what CMS/player versions are you using please?

Hi, its Windows 1.8.1

I don’t seem to have this problem here, you can send me your layout via private message - upload it to dropbox/gdrive or similar service of your choice and share the download link with me.

I’ll try it on some less powerful device perhaps, although I don’t expect it to be much different.

As a side note, it would be recommended to use CMS/player in 1.8.2 version as well.