Layouts with dynamic duration according to the data from dataset

CMS Version

Xibo for Docker 3.3.8

Player Type & Version

Windows 10 - Client version v3 R310


I have a dataset with near 20 lines of data. This data is showed on three different layouts according to the event’s date. For example: Layout 1 shows events happening now, Layout 2 shows events that will still happen today and Layout 3 show events that will happen on the next 7 days. The filter for each layout works fine. The data inside the layouts is displayed inside a html table with the ‘Marquee Up’ effect.
On the seasons which the number of events is decreased or even ceased, it would be great if we could control dynamically the duration of the layout been showed.
What I am having right now is a layout that has a 26 seconds duration and has only 2 events for the next 7 days. And still another layout with no data(event) to be displayed which shows a message ‘No events for today’ which takes 20 seconds on the screen.
Is it possible for the duration time be dynamically set according to the amount of data(lines of the csv file) to be displayed? If so, how could it be done?
Thanks in advance

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