Layouts section file size

How have the sizes been calculated in the ‘layouts’ section? It doesn’t make sense that the video is showing as 346 Bytes and 663 Bytes when the video is over 6MB.

Hello @dan, is the information available yet? It would be really helpful if I can be aware on how the sizes are calculated. Thanks

Sorry I didn’t see this before :cry:

That doesn’t look like standard Xibo to me, so I can’t be 100% sure - but for the purposes of the Display Manage page in the core software, it is the size of the XLF file (the XML we produce from a Layout definition).

It doesn’t include all of the resources associated with that Layout, just the Layout definition itself.

I hope that helps.

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Good day @dan, this is really helpful :+1:. “That doesn’t look like standard Xibo to me”, Yes its because we have created a custom theme for it.

Thanks for the response.

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