Layouts Not Updating When Timeline Changed

Hey guys,

I’m having an issue that I can update a layout’s timeline, and if that layout already exists on the player then it does not download the updated content. We currently are using all 1.8 series players with XMR configured and “Expire Modified Layouts” is enabled.

The only solution I have come across so far is to unassign the layout from the scheduled campaign, and then add it back again. I’m guessing clearing all of the data for a player would also work, but that seems a little extreme.


Android or Windows Clients and Versions please.

We saw similar behavior on Android R101 before upgrading to R102. Also on Android units, we sometime saw this when the SD memory storage was not configured correctly.

Ah, good to know… Most of our units are running android 1.8-101 right now. I’ll update and hope that it fixes the problem.

Thanks @cslaughter!

Your welcome. Please post back if that does in-fact solve your issue. We are still working on a few issues concerning similar problems. One of the other major issues we were seeing, at least on R101, is that if an Android client does not have Root access, once a playlist and media is downloaded to the client, the client will not download the updated media no matter what we do, unless we clear the cache on the device. This does not appear to be an issue so far in R102.

Oh. These devices are not currently rooted so I’ll be curious to see if that does resolve the issue.