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Hey guys!
After re-arranging my folders (creating subfolders, moving existing folders there), all of my layouts have disappeared.
Has anyone had this before and maybe a solution?

Edit: I can still select the layouts when assigning defaults to screens, but they have disappeared from the “layouts” section.

Hi @dym , welcome to the Xibo Community!

Have you tried ticking the ‘All Folders’ box in the Folder tree on the left-hand side of the Layouts page?

Have you typed anything into the Filter boxes at the top of the Layouts page, on either the ‘General’ or ‘Advanced’ tabs?

Hey Frazer,

indeed i have tried that. Still all the layouts are gone.
I previously created the layouts within the root folder, then moved them to subfolders, then created folders to which i moved those subfolders and after that the layouts became “invisible” for better lack of a term, since they are there (i can select them to be layouts for the screens) but they dont appear in the layout section.

Also: I am now unable to create new layouts.
Once i create a layout and place it in a folder, the layout will not show up.

When i check in the folders submenu, it shows me that the folders contain layouts.

What happens if you clear this filter box by clicking the ‘x’ ?


Okay, that actually did solve the problem.
I never thought of even looking for that, since no filter was set by me.

Thanks Fraz!

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