Layouts appear "black" when removing content before adding

When updating an existing layout, we are now experiencing the layout “breaks” and turns black. The layout contains only one .jpg image. This didn’t seem to happen on 1.8.9, however, it does now that we updated to 1.8.10. Deleting the layout and re-creating the layout works, but it breaks again when first deleting all content from the timeline and re-adding content rather than doing it the other way around.

When it breaks and turns black:
Layouts > Layout Design > Edit Timeline > remove .jpg from timeline > add new .jpg to timeline > Save Order

When it works fine:
Layouts > Layout Design > Edit Timeline > add new .jpg to timeline > remove .jpg from timeline > Save Order

Running 1.8.10

Thank you for the information and screenshots.

I have tested this on a 1.8.11 CMS and I have not seen the black screen issue you are having. I would recommend upgrading the CMS to the latest version to see if this fixes the issue.

if the problem persists, please confirm the players you are using.

Many Thanks.