Layouts Administration

Hello Guys,
I have a question about the layouts, I as admin would like to share the layout with a user. But even I give the right, to read and edit the Layout for this user I can’t find it after in the layout section of this user. Is it possible to share layout with a user or do I have to export the layout and after import the layout? (Xibo version 1.8.2)

If you have a second user in your CMS that has permissions to layouts page and then you assign permission directly for that layout to your user then we would expect that your second user will see the layout just fine.

It is certainly possible that there were some issues with that in 1.8.2, if possible I’d suggest upgrade to 1.8.8 as a first step.

Thx for the Info Peter. :raised_hands:. With 1.8.8 it work properly.