Layout will not change


I am currently setting up Xibo. I have two Layouts.

1: Twitter Layout (15s Video)
2: Ticker Feed Layout (5s per item and “Duration is Per Item” ticked)

When I set the twitter layout as default, it plays and then switches to the second layout as it should. However, the Ticker Feed layout loops indefinitely!! It never changes from the Ticker feed layout.

There is only one region, with the settings above. It should end after 10 seconds but I can see it refresh and play again.

I’ve gone through the user guide re-made the layout twice. Is there something I am missing here?


If you have two layouts, then both would need to be scheduled in order for them to show in rotation.

The default layout is only one layout and should be used with a simple image or similar to show in error conditions or when there’s no other content to be shown.

If you mean that you have one layout with two items in a region then duration per item means that that ticker will last 5x “as many items in the feed” seconds. So if there are a large number of items in the feed then it will last a long time. If you want it to last 5 seconds regardless of how many items are in the feed, then untick “Duration is per item”.

Thanks for the quick reply Alex,

I thought the default behaviour was for it to loop through the layouts? I may be mistaken. I haven’t setup any schedule yet.

If I set the Video (1 region layout) as default, it plays it and moves on to the next. But the one with the ticker feed doesn’t. It just loops over and over again.

As it’s a ticker feed I would like it to move to the next layout once it’s finished displaying the items. How can I set this up so that I have:

Layout 1
Layout 2
Layout 1
Layout 3
Layout 1

For example and have these repeat all day, every day? Just on a continuous loop?

Thanks for the help

EDIT: Forgot to say that I have 2 items in the feed. And setting to either 30s and “Duration is Per Item” unticked OR “Duration is Per Item” ticked and 5 seconds still doesn’t change the layout when it’s finished.

It won’t cycle though the layouts unless you schedule them

You need to either create a campaign with the layouts arranged like that, and then schedule the campaign, or add those layouts to the schedule in that order all at the same time. It will then show them in rotation.

You can’t show more than one layout without scheduling.

Thank you Alex,

Adding them to a Campaign and scheduling the Campaign has worked!

Just a quick one, If I schedule it for Hourly and every 1 hours. Will it just loop the layouts if it finishes the cycle in less an 1 hour?

Ignore that last one! I was confused with the scheduler.

Setting it on no-repeat, one campaign and having multiple layouts ordered works perfect.

Thank you!

Correct. You almost never want to use repeating schedules. The only exception is where you want something to appear every other day for example.