Layout, user, campain (etc.) lists empty!

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I just installed a new Xibo CMS, to replace our (very) old one (1.7.8), on a separate server. On the new (3.3.1) I’ve created a couple of layout and a couple of users. On the dashboard I can see “2 users”. When I try to create a planification, I can find my layouts.
But: when I go to the layout list or the user list: the lists are empy!

Is there a update on this issue?

Yes: it was a firewall issue. Can’t understand why our firewall blocked some parts of the display. Maybe a malformed data exchange?

Would it be possible for you to explain what you had to change in the firewall to get it to work?

I changed from “IPS” (inspect data packet and block if malformed) to “FW” (forward, do not inspect)

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