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Hello There,
I have so far created a Ticker with RSS Feed and used custom Tag | NameSpace. And I am displaying these 2 custom tags as “TAG1 Value - TAG2 Value”, so far so good these are showing in preview.
Now problem is I can not find till now a way that I can use some conditional logic here.
For example SHOW “TAG1 Value” if(!empty(TAG2 Value)) display “- TAG2 Value” endif;

Also I would like some way to modify these TAG values, for example these are dates i.e. “2016-03-19” which I want to convert to something using either javascript DATE class or PHP, anything which is possible, so is it possible? If yes then how?

Rohit Awasthi

hmm, as far as I know, unfortunately the answer is no.

While datasets can be filtered with specific conditions, rss feeds can’t (other than specific tags, stripped tags etc.)

oh you means, For both of my problems/questions answer is “NO”?
What is means by

So If customization can be done with Datasets, then is there any way datasets can be used to fetch RSS Feeds?