Layout template BUG ? content is preserved too

Whenever I save a template of a layout, and create a new layout using that template, the newly created layout is an exact copy of the one that was used to create the template i.e. it has the content assigned to respective regions.

I am not sure if that is the intended behavior however the docs seems to suggest otherwise (that it’s a bug)

“Save Template
Want to use the design again? It can be saved as a Template from here. Templates only save the aspect ratio, background and region positions, not the actual content.”

Could you test it at your end and confirm this, plz ?



Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
The thing is, save template was changed some time ago - before it didn’t save the actual content, but now it does - more people wanted this option.

What is a bug actually is that we have different explanation for this in our manual - I logged this as a bug.

We will also added a feature request to have a checkbox for this - so people could choose if they want to save content with template or not.
Save Template with/without content


The word template means a pre formatted design without the actual content and would infact act as a guide in adding content.

However, if the functionality was modified on user request then Xibo had already a copy layout action that solved the same purpose, so I am baffled as to why developers (dan, alex) thought of adding that to template in the first place.

Also, then template dialog box should have some note/ warning that it will save the content too until you implement the checkbox option into this.