Layout setting Web Page not Working Off Line

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I am Web Developer C # and I am using the Xibo first time. I’m working on a corporate TV project for a client and I have a problem. When setting one layout with Web Page option does not work Off Line.

I can just run off line when I set the Layout to Ticker. But I need work with Web pages in C # because of the system that will run on the company’s TVs.

So I would like the help of friends. How configure Xibo to setting Web Page and to do persists data when Off Line?

Thank you very much for a help!

So webpage/embedded html will not work offline, for the simple fact that player won’t be able to reach them.

All other media files (images, videos etc) are stored in the player’s library so that will play fine when offline.
rss feeds, twitter feeds should also be stored in cache - but obviously won’t be updated when offline.

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Searching a bit more able to find the solution and would like to share.

Exit, a way to keep in Off Line Web page by creating a cache.manifest file type. This technique allows the Web page data remain even after the connection drop.

More information can be obtained from this link:

I hope it is useful for everyone!


Ola Wreis!

Sei que ja faz alguns anos esta publicação, mas gostaria de saber se você conseguiu e qual foi a solução que arrumou para solucionar problema de exibição offline de webpage/embedded html.
Tenho vários layout neste formato e estou passando por este terrível problema.
Se possivel compartilhe conosco a solução.