Layout scheduling

Hi guys,
i have a default layout on my screen which is running continuously and i would like to schedule a new one which will play with the default layout back to back. The idea is to play both layouts back to back and the priority of which is first does not matter.
is this possible?
if yes,


One would think that you could schedule your new layout in intervals over a give time period, lets say every even hour for 1 hour. Configure your display(s) for your default layout, which they should automatically convert to once your scheduled layout finishes, i.e. every odd hour.


Thanks Rudi,
i unfortunately do not understand what you are saying.

The idea is to have 2 active layouts at the same time that are played back to back where one of them is scheduled for a certain period and the other one not.

I hope this makes it more clear.

My apologies … German thinking / English writing :slight_smile:

I am reading “back to back” as running 2 layouts sequentially … or better, toggling between the layout in a continuous manner? If so, I would make Layout A my default layout for the given display(s) and than schedule Layout B in periodic intervals to replace the default as desired … the time period for which you schedule Layout B should be exactly the time it takes to display its full content once.

Than leave the schedule empty for that exact same time period (which should revert the display to show the default Layout).

Hope that makes any more sense, I might have misunderstood the question …


NP :slight_smile:
Back to back means the default layout and scheduled layout are both played in loop until the layout that is scheduled is expired.

Layout A = Default layout
Layout B = Scheduled layout (valid 09.02.2017 - 20.02.2017

Display will show both of these layouts back to back (in loop) until the scheduling period expires. Once the scheduling period expires, layout B is no longer displayed

If i create a campaign, insert both the layouts A and B into it, they will be displayed during the scheduled period and once the period is over both are expired.
What i am trying to achieve is to set both layouts, play them and once the scheduled layout expires, it is no longer shown and system continues showing it’s default layout.

This is perhaps more clear?

You need to turn on “Interleave” in your Display settings.

That will cause the default to be shown always, even if there’s something scheduled.

So while Layout B is scheduled, the Player will show Layout A then Layout B then Layout A then Layout B over and over.

When B isn’t scheduled, it will just show layout A (the default).

Hi Alex,
thanks for the response, that is exactly what i need :smiley:

Many thanks!