Layout / region with pager

CMS Version

Xibo for Docker 3.3.8

Player Type & Version

Windows 10 - Client version v3 R310


I have a layout that display events. This layout has 3 regions. The first region(header) is used for the header text ‘Events for today’, the second region(main content) shows a dataset within a html table with the events that will happen today and the third region(bottom content) is intended to display the events happening now, but only showing one.
Focusing on the this third region, is it possible to display a pager like in the attached image?
Without the pager, the events will eternally be cycling without the viewer to know if it’s over or not. The idea of the pager is to explicit show to the viewer how many events are happening now. If this is possible to achieve, is it also possible to create this dynamic list(pager) with the total of the events happening now?
Thanks in advance

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