Layout Refresh - Screen Flashes

Whenever a layout duration finished the entire screen refreshes for a second which looks very bad on a large screen as all the content disappears.
Is there any way to fix this as I don’t remember having this issue on the previous version of Xibo. I dont see why each item should have to refresh if its in a static position like a logo.
Thanks for your help.

There’s no difference in the way the Player refreshes the screen between Xibo 1.7 and 1.8 Windows Players.

There is a bug reported in the upgrade process which removes custom durations from media items. Please check your layout to make sure that the duration you think you’ve set on your items is indeed the one you expected.

You can simply tick the “Use custom duration” box in most cases to restore the old duration.

The layout is refreshing every 4 minutes because of some video I have displaying, however, when it does refresh all he images disappear and then re-appear which doesn’t look very good.
Is there anyway to stop this as the images always stay the same on this layout its just the video i need to keep looping.

Thanks for your help!

You can add the same video second time to your region.

You can also increase the duration of other items on your layout to more than 4min - to delay whole layout reload - just please don’t increase it too much as it may cause layout playback issues (and delay any changes made to layout/schedule).

OK but this only delays the problem it doesn’t fix it. I’m still going to have all the content flash as the layout reloads each time which is still a problem, it would be less noticeable if there was a transition at least?

You can add transitions, but there always will be a short flash when whole layout reloads.

could this be fixed in the future? I’ve optimised my layouts to increase the duration but could the refreshed layout be loaded in first before the old layout is removed to stop the flash?

It really is no different to 1.7 before, so this isn’t a new issue.

We remove and add stuff back to the screen as fast as we are able, but that is limited by the machine the software is running on.

The Windows Player uses relatively old technology (Windows Forms) and so at the moment it’s not possible for us to support transitions on the Windows Player. They are available in the Android Player however.

There should only be a brief “flash” (a few frames). If you can see it, that means your player does not render the new layout ‘fast’ enough.

Not sure whether they layout is too complex, underpowered hardware or unaccelerated video (or Windows). I haven’t had much issues with this myself except when people upload an uncompressed video.

Hello all thankyou so much to make me already join here

The player is a i3 with 4GB of RAM and the layout is quite basic, however, it does load a local video file