Layout Options - Schedule Now

When I open the layout options and select Schedule Now, previous assigned options aren’t displayed.

For example, I check the “Always” checkbox and assign to it my “All Displays” display group and save. If I go back into these settings for the layout, they’re zero’d out again.

Why does this keep occurring? Thanks…

Xibo 2.0.3 for Docker
Docker running on Windows 7

When you click on the Schedule now from the drop down menu for your Layout, you are creating new schedule by using that form. If you wanted to amend or check an existing Schedule then you would need to click on Schedule from the CMS menu, select a display in the field at the top to view that displays schedule. You can then click on an icon to open up the full details of that schedule and amend/delete as required. All information regarding Scheduling can be found in our User Manual.

Thank you