Layout only for Player avaiable

Hello, I´ve been trying to migrate a news livestream into Xibo. It all worked in the Player. I can see the stream. But in the top left corner it says thet the Layout has some elements only for the player.


Thank you for your message and welcome to the community Takasu!

The message you are seeing is a status that is listed for layouts that contain web content/media. When you log into your CMS using a web browser, it is very likely that this is not going to be the same browser that will be used by your Xibo players. This means that when you view/preview layouts in your CMS you are seeing how that web content performs in the browser that you are using to access your CMS, not how it will appear on your player. This is why the status in your screenshot is returned.

In short, to be sure that your web content displays how you want it to, you will need to complete the layout and then test it on your player to be sure it meets your requirements.

I hope this helps to understand why you are seeing that status on your layout.

Many Thanks.

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