Layout not found ERROR

We’ve been getting this error for a couple of displays which cause the xibo player to show “xibo app is not responding” message.

The layout it’s looking for is not assigned to the displays nor does it exist.

Any help?

Thank you for your message. Can you confirm:

  • The version of CMS you are using.
  • The version of the Xibo player you are using.

I would first recommend going to the Schedule option in your CMS, click the Select Displays box above the Calendar and choose Fastighetsbyran from the menu. You can now check the Month, Day and Agenda views to see what Layouts you have scheduled to your Display. In Agenda view you will be able to see the ID for each scheduled Layout, which may help to narrow down where this Layout is being referenced. If you see any old Events that are no longer to be used, you can remove them by clicking on the Event and choosing delete at the bottom of the Edit Event Window.

I would also recommend clearing the cache for that Display by going to the Displays option in your CMS and clicking button at the end of the Display, then choosing Edit from the menu. You should find the Clear Cache button on the Advanced tab. Save to confirm.

Many Thanks.

Version 2.0.3 CMS - Docker on ubuntu
2.0.1 android player

Scheduled on said display:

Logs after clearing cache:

Thank you for the screenshot of the Agenda view, as well as confirming the version of CMS and Player you are using.

Can you provide me a screenshot of the Status page from the Xibo for Android player please? To access the Status page, go to the device running your Player and click on the screen while the Player is running. Choose the Status option from the Action bar. You may need to obscure the CMS URL in your screenshot if you would like to keep that private, alternatively feel free to send me the screenshot in a private message.

Many Thanks.

Screenshot sent :slight_smile:

The issue mentioned in this post has now been resolved. On this occasion, the Layout in question was set as the Default Layout, which was why it was not appearing in the schedule option in CMS.

Many Thanks.