Layout not filling the entire screen


I have been using Xibo for a while now with no issue using the intel compute stick.

Recently the compute sticks have been getting bricked by a windows update.

I found a solution to fix some of them but other were all wacked out.

I decided to purchase new hardware that called a Quantum Byte. It has windows 10 pro so it is working out much better. I can control a lot more with windows 10.

The issue I am having now is with the layout. Before, with the compute sticks the layout with display full screen no problem. With the new device it is not going full screen. It’s using up like 90 percent of the screen.

2% on top and bottom of the screen is just black and 8% of the left and right side are just black.

Does anybody know a way to fix this?

Actually I just noticed that all of the displays are now doing the same thing. Compute sticks and Quantum Byte.

Could you check the solution in this topic:
Screen shrinks to the top left of the screen Windows Player

In Windows 10 display settings make sure that ‘Change the size of text, apps and other items’ is set to 100%.

I’m happy to have a look at an example layout that you’re using to see how does it look like on our devices - you can send me exported layout over private message.