Layout not downloaded to android player

I am trying to download a layout to a player. I updated a layout and when I saw it is not updated automatically I tried to schedule it. I can get a screenshot and the display is online but nothing I do causes the updated layout to be sent to the player.

You indeed need to schedule the layout to the player in order for the player to start downloading it.

We’d need to see a screenshot of status window on the player to see what could be wrong.

By status window on the player I meant, literally in the Xibo for Android player press the Status button from the top action bar.

From the Manage page screenshot that you’ve provided, it would seem like this device is up to date and has 2 layouts scheduled to it 19 and 22.
It is also rather clear that XMR requires reKey action, assuming that it is correctly configured in the first place.
If it is, then Displays -> edit display -> Advanced -> Reconfigure XMR, save the form, restart the player (or wait for next collection interval).
If it is not configured, then you’d need to configure it first.

XMR is not directly related to your I don’t think, but would be good to sort that out as well.

After I cleared the cache, and then the data and then registered it again it seems to be O but there are many issues with the android player.

Is there a way to send an RSS feed that will scroll from left to right? I see the configuration and I can see the feed on the player but I can’t make it scroll

The delay can most definitely be caused by not working XMR, long durations (if you don’t have expire modified layouts enabled in display profile assigned to your player).

If you do have many issues with your android player, please create a topic about them and we will discuss this further.

Marquee right, you can set the effect on Ticker widget edit form.

where do I set Marquee right?

Found it but it only made the text smaller…

Effects have no impact on text size I’m afraid.

In tickers the font size, color etc is set on the Appearance tab in the text editor.

OK, but still no movement. And I see only one item and it doesn’t switch to the next one

And when I change the effect the font size is changed. I double checked it. Changed from Marquee left back to Marquee up and now there is a lot larger font

Anyway, it is stuck and doesn’t move. I can see only one item or maybe another one over the other.

It seems like non of the effects are working

In layout designer or player?

What CMS and player version are you using?
Since there are XMR errors, I assume 1.8.x is it docker installation or manual one?

There is no general issue with effects, as such it could imply issues with your CMS or browser or player, depending on where you see the issue as that was not specified in your messages.

You can send me your layout with ticker via private message I can take a look.

I see it on the player but it is frozen. It’s a private installation over Linux.

I can send you a short video or a picture.