Layout Event Scheduling Issue

We are currently using Xibo Version 2.3.2 for Windows to schedule advertising signage to multiple screens, at stores in varying locations. Currently, we are able to schedule Layouts, Campaigns, and overlay layouts to play for long periods of time (hours or days); however, when we try to schedule a short event of about 15 minutes or less, with about 10-30 minutes notice, the layout will not play at the scheduled time. None of the layouts are given priority or display numbers, and when scheduled for longer periods of time they will play continuously in the order scheduled, as intended.

When we check the player status, the short term event does not show up in the schedule whatsoever. We were unable to get a picture, as the player status will not stay up on the screen long enough to do so. Any ideas as to what could be causing this issue? Your help is appreciated.

Hi and welcome!

When you Schedule your short event you’re only adding it into the rotation for the time you specify. If your total rotation is itself longer than 15 minutes, then your new event could be in the rotation for a shorter time than it will actually take to reach it (it will be added at the end).

The best way to get a short event shown in a much longer rotation is to use priorities.

There is also a chance here (as you say it doesn’t appear on the status window), that your collection interval is longer than the 10 to 30 minutes notice you’ve given it (if XMR isn’t connected).

So a few things to check -

  • do you have XMR working
  • after making the schedule change, does the display go green
  • are the other scheduled items significantly longer than 15 minutes, and if so do you get better results using a priority schedule.


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