Layout Error Assignment

I’m using the Android app (V_1.8_R102) in one of the monitors I use to display the pictures, even though I’ve assigned the correct layout, I often see images of a vertical layout I use for another monitor and therefore the size Of images is incorrect.
The CMS installed on the server is 1.8.1.
How can I fix it?
I apologize for English, I’m using google translate.

Thank you.

Did you get to CMS 1.8.1 via an upgrade from a previous CMS version? If so, we experienced the same kind of issues due to a bug in the upgrade process to 1.8.1. It scrambled the media ids. Only way to fix the problem is to either throw out all your media and upload and reassign the media to layouts, or to go through the media library and verify manually all the media one by one, replacing any media that is not correct with the correct media.

Thanks for replying, I installed version 1.8.1 directly, I resolved by reinstalling the android app on my device and I assigned the correct layout, I noticed that this new version of the CMS has several bugs :frowning:

If you’ve noticed a bug that is not reported in our github, please create a new topic here on community site and we will see if we can confirm it as a bug or not.

Okay, I make a list of the anomalies I’ve found to help you solve it.