Layout doesn't show if no background is specified

I have a layout with a particular setup which works perfectly fine. (3 regions, one is a ticker, one is RTSP video and one is a dataset render). However as soon as I remove the background on the layout and specify just “plain black” - it stops working. It’s scheduled to play at a particular time but the default layout keeps playing.

Players version 1.7R62 and the latest 1.8 Android both have the same problem.

Here is the Layout:

I’ve downloaded your layout - had to change the dataset (my dataset) and local video (url) and then I’ve scheduled it to my android device (1.8R102).

Once it was running with the background image, I’ve removed it in the layout designer (background image to none and background colour to the default black) after next layout reload my player started displaying the black background instead of the background image - ie it did work as it should.

Could you please tell me if there were any errors on Status window / CMS logs?
Did your player marked this layout as invalid?

Nevermind, this was due to a Timezone issue.

Apparently even though I have synchronize time set and the schedule has “use CMS time”, if there is no timezone set on the Android OS, the system simply doesn’t display the content.

I figured it out by walking away from the desk, coming back the next morning and it was displaying in the morning.

Oh I see, you will want to have correct date&time settings on android device anyway to avoid licencing issues.

The ‘use CMS time’ also requires a rooted device, but I assume you’ve already knew that (just for anyone else reading this).