Layout does not display - Android

Hello, i am having problems with the clients, i can not display content well if i display as default i can see the output on the screens but when i tried to schedule different stuff during the day they do not display but on menu status I can see that the layout where ready to display but was never display… if i close the xibo app on the Android minix and open it immediately the content would be displaying .
Any thoughts ?
as you can see in this image the layout that should be playing is 8 but it is not playing

Which CMS and player versions are you using please?

Do you happen to have some really long durations on your default layout?
If you do, then you might want to enable Expire modified layouts in display profile assigned to your player (you can also reduce the duration of course).

Well actually from your screenshot it is rather clear that you do have long durations there, so if you do not have expire modified layouts enabled, then that’s why you see the delay, which indeed will be solved by restarting the player.